The Humane Society of Northern Utah was started in 2008 as the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary. Over the years our focus expanded and we became the Humane Society of Northern Utah. We are a 501(c)3.

We have an education program. Our educators go into the schools and teach how to care for animals, how to approach an unknown dog etc. and how to be safe etc.

Our emergency medical program has helped many, many people get medical care for their beloved pets. This program has proved invaluable to the community.

We built a pet food storage building at the Catholic Community Services Food Bank in West Ogden so that people can get food for their pets. Too often people will give the pet their food but with this program, both can get what they need. 

Did you know that The Humane Society and our Safe Haven sanctuary are run totally by volunteers and on donations?  No one gets paid to work here.  Your generous donations go only towards paying for food, supplies, vet bills for the animals. 

A Journey of Spirituality

Admission is free, we ask, however, that you bring non-perishable food for Utah Food bank or for Humane Society of Northern Utah.

Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Inc, chooses a Charity each year to spread joy and love to those in need.

Our Charity Projects

ALL T-SHIRTS will be $1. and donated to HSNU

The Food Drive is the essential need of this project.

 Please help support.

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